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Have you ever loved a person so much that you lost yourself in the process of loving them? 
Tracey wasn’t your average around the way girl, she was a woman with big dreams, hopes and a woman who desires to live her best life. Granted she’s had her own share of struggles and has weathered some of life’s deadliest storms, through it all she has always come out on top. Born to win there is nothing that can knock her off square, except for the object of her affection-Rell. 
Rell has it all or at least that’s what he believes. In his mind, having money, respect and power in the streets means you’re the man and when you’re the man, nothing can stop your shine. He lives on his own terms and he does so without any regrets. However, when he finally realizes that he’s been doing nothing but dimming the light of the woman he loves the most, will he have a chance to make things right or will his revelation be too late?
Now on the other hand, Melissa has looks, street smarts and enough sex appeal to drive any man wild. She’s a dope boy’s dream, the perfect “arm candy” for any hustler and she has the potential to have it all. However, her love for money and the finer things in life often clouds her judgement leading to mishaps and bad decisions. When her lust for money and rising to the top lands her in a life-threatening predicament, will she lose it all or will she land with both of her designer stilettos firmly planted on the ground?  



I really enjoyed this book I’m glad Rell learned a lesson but found love again and turned his life around. Melissa she got what she deserved you have to be careful who you talk to


—  Neka Bellamy

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